Five Best Baby Headphones for Airplane in 2024

Baby Headphones for Airplane

Do you worry about flying with your baby because they get upset about their ears after landing? Or does your infant’s crying from ear pain after a flight keep you awake at night? Traveling on a plane can be an annoying experience for parents with young babies unless you have baby headphones for plane.

Your infants’ hearing is still developing, so the high noise levels on an airplane can be too much for their sensitive ears and may even cause noise-induced hearing loss. Using the best budget earmuffs for airplanes, you can protect your baby’s ears from painful ear-popping sensations.

We’ve compiled a list of the best noise cancelling headphones for babies on airplanes to make your flight easier while protecting your baby’s ears. Make sure to go through our buyer’s guide if you want to know what features to look for while selecting the best ear protection headphones for your little one’s ears.

5 Best Baby Headsets for Airplanes (2024)

See the table below to get a brief summary of the top 5 best toddler headphones for plane:

Best Budget1
BANZ Infant Hearing Protection Headphones 1 1 Baby Headphones for Airplane
BANZ Infant Hearing Protection Headphones

Product For ages 0-2+ Years, Industry-leading noise reduction rating, Soft & comfortable, Best baby ear protection features

Best Features2
MUTED Hearing Protection Baby Headphones Baby Headphones for Airplane 1 Baby Headphones for Airplane
MUTED Hearing Protection Baby Headphones

Lightweight, soft & Cushioned ear cups, 27 dB noise protection, Adjustable headband, for babies with sensory sensitivity and autism

Best Overall3
BBTKCARE Ear Protection Baby Headphones Baby Headphones for Airplane 1 Baby Headphones for Airplane
BBTKCARE Ear Protection Noise Canceling Baby Headphones

Adjustable headband, Zero pressure, Durable design, Long-lasting, Stylish & practical, for Babies Aged 3 Months to 2 Years, Lightweight & portable

Best Performance4
Snug Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Baby Headphones Baby Headphones for Airplane 1 Baby Headphones for Airplane
Snug Ear Protection Noise-Canceling Baby Headphones

Noise-canceling, soundproof earmuffs, Color variations, low-profile clam, Foldable and adjustable

Best Quality5
Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Headphones Baby Headphones for Airplane 1 Baby Headphones for Airplane
Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Headphones

CE & ANSI Certified, Award Winning Dutch Design, Comfortable headphones, Hearing damage protection, Sleep improvement

The headphones on our list are specifically designed for infants. Now let’s analyze the features of the best baby headphones for airplane in detail.

BANZ Infant Hearing Protection Headphones – Best Overall

BANZ Infant Hearing Protection Headphones-Baby Headphones for Airplane

Editor’s Rating: 4.9 out of 5 

The Baby BANZ earmuffs come in two sizes to make sure they fit right. One is for babies 0–2 years old, and the other is for kids 3 years and older. The foam padding on the headphones is a great feature because it keeps your baby’s ears from getting pinched.

The Banz baby headphones headband is made of soft, high-quality leather that is comfortable all over, and it doesn’t press too hard as well! What else? The baby headphones offer an industry-leading noise reduction rating of 28 dB, which protects your baby’s hearing by blocking harmful noise. They are exceptionally lightweight and sturdy, specifically developed for children. They have the ideal adjustable headband to fit all ages. 

The Banz baby headphones offer plenty of room for the ears inside the shells. They are suitable for autistic children since they block out loud noises and other potential triggers. Furthermore, super-soft cushioned headphones are small enough to carry in a travel bag. They have a super-stylish design and unique color options.

  • Comfortable on ears
  • Great fit
  • Excellent noise muffling
  • May be too tight for some babies

What Customers are Saying?

The Banz baby headphones received 16,000+ global ratings with more than 80% five-star reviews. Most moms on Amazon said the noise reduction headphones provided excellent noise cancellation and hearing protection. Some parents reported that they used these headphones on their infants at sporting events, theaters, weddings, and parties and did an excellent job of keeping the noise at safe levels while their babies slept well.

Many people liked the baby hearing protection headphones since they were easy on their toddlers’ ears, and they didn’t mind wearing them. Because they are adjustable and can be used for an extended period, they are fantastic for your infants! So don’t wait any longer, get the BANZ baby earmuffs today and protect your babies from noise!

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MUTED Hearing Protection Baby Headphones – Best Features

MUTED Hearing Protection Baby Headphones-Baby Headphones for Airplane

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5

These soft headsets with adjustable headbands and padded ear cups provide a comfortable fit and ensure baby’s ear protection. These headphones are appealing to parents who have sensory-challenged children and are hailed as the best noise cancelling headphones for babies.

The NRR rating for the noise-canceling earplugs is 27 dB. With these earmuffs on, your child’s ears are protected from loud noises and sensory sensitivity, and they are also comfortable. This makes them perfect for flights. Because these noise-canceling earmuffs are sturdy, if your child becomes agitated or has an episode on the plane, you can relax because these noise-canceling earmuffs can handle it. The attractive earmuff patterns will make your children want to wear them. These are the best headphones for 2 year old.

What is the most enjoyable aspect? These ear muffs are lightweight and easy to pack and carry wherever you go. These hearing protection ear muffs are ideal for airplane travel, athletic events, concerts, fireworks, and everyday loud noises. These best baby headphones meet ANSI standards, so your infant can wear them without worrying about their ears in loud environments.

What Customers are Saying?

Customers who gave the best noise cancelling headphones for babies with more than 1,600 ratings said that they were a game changer for their sensory-sensitive children. Many parents said they don’t worry about their kids being bothered on planes because the headphones don’t get in the way of their sleep.

Most people who bought them said these are the best headphones for 2 year old as they are less bulky, the padding is much softer, and they fit snugly, which makes them very comfortable to wear. Some users said the headset was too tight around their heads, while others thought it fit well. The size is very flexible and easy to change. So what’s keeping you from buying the MUTED hearing protection baby headphones today and safeguarding your kid’s future with these baby headphones for plane.

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BBTKCARE Ear Protection Baby Headphones – Best Performance

BBTKCARE Ear Protection Baby Headphones-Baby Headphones for Airplane

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5

These plastic and leather BBTKCARE baby headphones have ear defenders to protect your baby’s sensitive ears from high noise levels. The noise reduction technology in baby headphones allows your infant to stay asleep even in the noisiest environments making them the best toddler headphones for plane. Plus, the adjustable and comfortable headband ensures a perfect fit and provides additional protection for the headphones.

What else? the soft, padded earmuffs with no pressure points are made to cover your baby’s ears and block out all loud sounds. These headphones are great for airplane rides, concerts, ball games, movies, and fireworks shows because they are so light and flexible. Because of this, they are also the best baby shower gifts you can give to your friends.

You can carry the noise-canceling earmuffs everywhere due to their compact design. Do you know what the best thing about these headphones is? Your baby can try the BBTKCARE infant sound-canceling headphones, and if you are unhappy with the sound-canceling headphones, you can return them for a full refund but we are sure these best toddler headphones for plane won’t make you unhappy.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfy
  • Great for noise cancellation
  • Available in different colours
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee
  • May not fit very well

What Customers are Saying?

With over 12,800 global ratings and almost 80% 5-star reviews, these baby headphones are ideal for noise cancellation on a flight and in a noisy environment. Because these noise-canceling headphones are so comfortable, several parents reported that their infants slept soundly during the flight and called them the best toddler headphones for plane. However, only a few users complained about the size of the headphones.

Many people appreciated soft-padded infant headphones because they found them lightweight and perfect for their toddlers as they protected against ear damage. Many parents said these headphones performed as expected and are highly recommended for protecting your child’s hearing. Get the BBTCare infant ear protection headphones today and start enjoying your air travel without a fussy baby.

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Snug Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Baby Headphones – Best Quality

Snug Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Baby Headphones-Baby Headphones for Airplane

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Snug earmuffs are available in 32 different colors and can be used in various situations. The baby headphones for plane protect your child’s ears and can be used in sporting activities, concerts, noisy shopping malls, and airports. A 25 dB NRR is powerful enough to block out loud noises and protect your child’s ears.

With a lightly cushioned headband and a skin-friendly, breathable plush ear pad, snug ear muffs protect young ears. These ear protectors provide all-day comfort without making your child’s ears irritated. The headbands are stretchy and can withstand twisting and dropping. These headphones are durable and resilient due to their high-quality components.

They are so light and comfortable that your children will forget they are wearing them, and you can enjoy your flight. It folds conveniently for easy storage. They are adjustable and can fit toddlers as young as six months old. Young toddlers and children with autism and auditory processing difficulties can now block out outside noises to avoid overstimulation. These are considered the best headphones for 2 year old.

  • Soft and stretchy
  • padded sides and headband
  • Muffle out noise well
  • 5-year durability promise
  • May be too tight

What Customers are Saying?

With more than 22,600 reviews and more than 70% five stars, these baby earmuffs promise to be ideal for autism spectrum disorder and pantomime Parents found these headsets quite pleasant, with padded sides and headbands. Another advantage mentioned was the ease of folding. 

People found these headsets so comfy and light that their children easily napped in them on their flights because of their unique design and colors, so they do not hate putting them on. Many people noted that the noise cancellation was excellent, even if it was too tight. So wait no more, buy the Snug ear protection headphones today, and let your kids have a fun air travel experience.

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Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Headphones – Best Budget

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Headphones-Baby Headphones for Airplane

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Alpine Muffy baby earmuffs are available in six eye-catching colors and have CE certification. They are specially developed to protect infants’ extra-sensitive hearing by superior noise protection (23 dB SNR). The ABS cover and the PVC and PU combined padding ensure maximum comfort for your precious babies.

Alpine Muffy baby and toddler ear protection is designed to be safe and convenient, with no metal parts that could be harmful or dangerous. The baby earmuffs have multiple layers of noise-reducing foam and plush padding for a secure fit. The comfortable, tight, and adjustable polyester headband does not exert pressure on the Fontenelle (soft spot).

These baby noise-cancelling headphones come with a carrying pouch. Since there are no metals in the headband, it can be removed and washed. These baby headphones should always be included in your travel essentials, whether you are flying or driving. The noise-cancelling headphones are made of a sustainable, non-staining material free of silicone and BPA, causing no allergic reactions or irritations. 

  • Soft and stretchy
  • Adjustable strap
  • Washable
  • CE and ANSI certifications
  • Tested and proven 23 dB SNR
  • Could be a little hard to assemble

What Customers are Saying?

More than 8,000 global ratings go to show that people liked these headphones. They liked these noise-cancelling earmuffs for being easy to adjust and of excellent quality. Most people said their infants weren’t bothered by them and fell asleep peacefully during the flight.  Some people had trouble working out how to wrap it around the baby’s head, but they did it.

Many parents tested the headphones to see how well they canceled noise and were pleasantly impressed. Another quality many people love about the headphones is that they are easily adjustable and washable. So get the Alpine Muffy Baby ear protection headphones and protect your child’s ears in style!

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Here is a detailed review of Banz infant ear protection headphones.

How to Choose the Best Baby Headphones for Airplane [Buyer’s Guide 2024]

Babies’ ears are fragile and developing, and some loud noises can impair or damage their hearing. When buying a headset for your baby’s ear protection or youngster, specific considerations must be made. Here is a quick summary of the factors you should consider while buying baby earmuffs, whether you are buying the best kid headphones for school or your toddler.

Key Factors for Choosing the Best Baby Headphones for Airplane

1. Comfort

Comfort-Baby Headphones for Airplane

This is the most significant element to consider while looking for kids’ headphones. You don’t want your kid to be uncomfortable on long flights, and an unsuitable headset can add to your concerns.

If the headset is excessively tight, it may cause discomfort and put a lot of pressure on your baby’s head. Also, you can get padded headphones to not pinch your baby’s ears. Plus, wireless headphones may be more comfortable compared to wired ones. Whether you’re in search of the best kid headphones for school or purchasing earmuffs for a toddler, prioritizing comfort is crucial.

2. Size

If the headset is too loose, it will not cancel or reduce loud noises, so choose a headset that suits your baby’s head. The simplest method is to measure your baby’s head and compare it to the measurements listed on Amazon. 

The size of a baby’s head might change according to age. Consider headsets that allow you to scale up or down features. Look for an adjustable headband whose earmuffs precisely fit your baby’s head.

3. Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction-Baby Headphones for Airplane

Verify the noise reduction rating before buying if you want to protect your baby’s ears from the noise. The optimal noise reduction rating for babies is 20 dB. NRIs of 20 dB or greater should protect them.

And if you want the best results and a fun journey, go for the noise-canceling headphones that provide a higher than 20dB NRR. This is especially crucial when looking for the best kid headphones for school.

4. Lightweight Headset

Just make sure you get a light headset. You want your baby to be calm and comfortable during the flight, and you don’t want to put pressure on their heads and injure them.

5. Material

Material-Baby Headphones for Airplane

You don’t want to harm your child’s skin by purchasing a pair of low-quality headphones. Toddler headphones made of cheap materials can cause skin issues. Inspect the material of the headset before purchasing it to ensure that it is free of harmful or synthetic chemicals and that it is the correct headphones for your child!

What Are the Different Types of Baby Headsets?

Babies can use a variety of headsets. The list below has some of those categories:

1. Headphones with a Metal Headband

Headphones with a Metal Headband-Baby Headphones for Airplane

These kids’ headphones have a metal headband. But the thick foam covering the metal prevents any pain to you babies. These headphones do not break easily because they consist of metal, which makes them relatively sturdy.

2. Headphones with a Plastic Headbands

Headphones with a Plastic Headbands-Baby Headphones for Airplane

These plastic headsets are very comfortable and easily bend around the head. PV polyurethane and silicone are the best materials for these headphones. The thick foam covering and softening of the plastic headband on these headsets will prevent your baby from feeling the plastic used inside the headband.

3. Elastic headbands

Elastic headbands-Baby Headphones for Airplane

These headbands are made of leather material that can be quickly separated and washed. It may be replaced with a new one if ripped or torn. These are comfortable and cheap, and they don’t slip off easily. 

How Did We Select the Best Baby Headsets for Airplanes?

We first looked at what the headsets could do. Moreover, we thought about what the headsets were made of and if they would be comfortable on the flight. Secondly, the most important thing was to choose headphones with NRR values of more than 20 dB.

We understand that your priority for your child is to keep them comfortable; so, we checked the headsets to see if they provided maximum comfort to the infants. After checking all these factors, we added the best earphones for babies in our list.

We also verified the positive comments and reviews on the products from most people, and after reading through the positive reviews, we created this list.

Q: Do babies need headphones on airplane?

A: Yes, it’s advisable to use specialized baby headphones designed to reduce noise levels during air travel. These headphones are crafted to provide noise reduction and protection for a baby’s sensitive ears, creating a more comfortable and less stressful environment during the flight.

Q: What kind of headphones can I use on an airplane?

A: As per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, wireless devices like Bluetooth headphones are permitted throughout the entirety of the flight, provided they are in airplane mode. In essence, you can freely use your reliable wireless Bluetooth headphones while on board.

Q: Can you use normal headphones on a plane?

A: While you can use regular headphones on a plane, they may not provide sufficient noise protection for babies. It’s recommended to use specialized baby headphones designed to reduce noise levels and protect their sensitive ears during air travel. These headphones are tailored to provide a safe and comfortable auditory environment for infants during flights.

Q: Are baby headphones for music safe for infants?

A: Yes, baby headphones for music are designed for music use and are specifically crafted with features like soft cushioning and volume-limiting capabilities to ensure they are safe for infants. Always use babies’ headphones for music responsibly and ensure they fit comfortably.

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