Best Wireless Sound System for TV in 2024

Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Are you tired of spending money at the movies? We are here to save the day because we will reveal the secret to creating a cinema at home. It does not matter what TV you have, but if you own a great sound system, it can create an unreal and immersive experience.

In this blog, we have listed the wireless surround sound systems that have incredible sound quality and clarity, so you can hear every dialogue clearly. Also, there is a bass boost option in most soundbars, so you can enable it every time you want to groove to the music. Most of them are also compact and mountable, saving space in your home.

bHt4WKTNPSPwFEOa04KCEe2Cty1tapd7Od5zVMRRuKhDrOUJ2cnW7O HbgreK81GVI5UZS0NldVzL86tL4UdqOEyeKfNquHXl1p9T CHClYsYIy aGrZfskwtcvUihros5ENPwr66SGYlansZchzRao Best Wireless Sound System for TV

If you feel confused with the hundreds of listed features on the soundbars, don’t worry, we have given a buyers’ guide too, where we have mentioned the most important characteristics you must look for before buying the wireless surround sound system. Keep reading the blog to find your ideal sound system!

5 Best Wireless Sound Systems for TV

Find the details of the 5 best wireless surround sound systems below:

Best Overall1
BGR Polk Audio Signa S2 Wireless TV Sound Bar 1 Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Polk Audio Signa S2 Wireless TV Sound Bar

Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth enabled, HDMI, Bar mount, 3.90 lbs, IR Remote control, Black

Best Performance2
BGR Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar 1 Best Wireless Sound System for TV
Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar

2″ tall, HDMI-ARC Connectivity, Black, 2.21″ H x 23.38″ W x 4.02″ D, 8.15 lbs, Remote control

Best Features3
BGR Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System 1 Best Wireless Sound System for TV
Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System

5.1 digital surround sound, THX certified, Satellites: 4 x 67 W, Digital optical input: 2 (up to 1080p), 3D stereo, 3 AAA batteries

Best Quality4
BGR Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar 1 Best Wireless Sound System for TV
Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar

AC power cord, HDMI cable, Optical adapter, 6.35 lbs

Best Budget5
BGR VIZIO V51x J6 Home Theater Sound Bar 1 Best Wireless Sound System for TV
VIZIO V51x-J6 Home Theater Sound Bar

Dolby Audio, Remote Control, 36-in, Wireless subwoofer, Auxiliary, HDMI, Front Surround Mode, Dialogue Enhancement EQ, DTS Virtual:X

Polk Audio Signa S2 Wireless TV Sound Bar — Best Overall

Polk Audio Signa S2 Wireless TV Sound Bar-Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Editor’s Rating: 4.9 out of 5 

Do you want to have the best surround sound system for living room? If yes, you should buy the Polk Audio Signa S2, which turns your home into a cinema. It has five powerful full-range drivers that ensure deep bass and quality sound! Dolby Digital Decoding and Polk’s voice adjustment technology also optimize sound clarity.

It is super easy for you to connect the Soundbar to your TV in minutes, as it comes with a subwoofer, HDMI, and optical cables. Also, you don’t have to worry about the connection type, as it comes with numerous connection possibilities: plug in any audio source via HDMI ARC, optical input, or AUX.

It is easy for you to fit in most places as it is just 2 inches tall. For your convenience, you can also mount it on the wall. Don’t worry, these wireless speakers will not block the TV view or remote sensor due to their feasible size. Also, you can protect your purchase by insuring any damages for a small extra cost! Looking for the best surround sound system for living room? The Polk Audio Signa S2 is the perfect choice.

  • Voice adjustment
  • Built-in music streaming
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Customized voice levels
  • Compatible with most apps and devices
  • Auto turn-off feature

What Customers are Saying?

With more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon, most people thought it was the best surround sound system for living room with powerful sound. They were surprised that there was no distortion while listening to music, even at a high volume. Also, most mentioned that setting it up was the easiest process.

One issue that only some people had was how inconvenient it sometimes gets to switch it on every time. Due to the auto-turn-off feature, you will have to switch it on with a remote every time. It might get annoying sometimes.

In comparison to other overpriced sound systems for TV, almost all customers agreed that the Polk Audio Signa S2 delivered the same high-quality sound! Get yours now!

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Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar Best Performance

Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar-Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5

If you are tired of listening to low-quality sound on your TV, you should consider purchasing the Bose TV Speaker. With its two angled full-range drivers that give realistic spatial audio, you will feel like you’re in the movie and not just watching it. This minimalistic soundbar not only looks sleek in your home, but it delivers great bass with the bass boost button.

It also ensures clear speech, so you can watch your favorite shows with ease! The vocals and dialogue are specifically elevated. These Bluetooth speakers are easy to set up, as you can quickly get them running by connecting this compact soundbar to the TV with just one optical audio cable (included) or HDMI cable (available separately).

Also, it comes with a remote control, so you can set the volume from your sofa. Plus, it is designed to clarify and elevate speech, so you will enjoy your favorite TV shows too! Looking for the best wireless surround sound system under $500? The Bose TV Speaker is an excellent choice.

  • Mountable
  • Protect your purchase
  • Wireless music streaming
  • Compatible with Bose Bass Module
  • Dialogue mode
  • Low bass

What Customers are Saying?

With 7,000+ ratings, including more than 70% 5-star ratings on Amazon, it is clear that many people favor these speakers since they produce superior sound. They love that the volume can be turned up as high as they want, and the bass still booms. Furthermore, people were thrilled to discover that they had found the best wireless surround sound system under $500.

Some people mentioned that they didn’t like the bass boost feature. They think that it does not make much of a difference. However, many other users think that the speaker produces great sound regardless.

Overall, they are compact speakers with great features. Most people are happy with this product, making Bose TV Soundbar the best wireless surround sound system under $500.

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Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System Best Features

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System-Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5 

The Logitech Z906 5.1 Home Theater with Wireless Rear Speakers Surround Sound Speaker System can be considered a great choice for your TV because it has a 165-watt subwoofer! With Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, and DTS soundtracks, you can hear every sound detail and enjoy music and movies on your TV! 

This wall-mountable 5.1 home theater with wireless rear speakers speaker system allows for thunderous bass with a bass boost feature. Also, it delivers power at a constant rate of 500 watts, with the potential to deliver a peak of 1,000 watts under certain conditions. Don’t fret about any damage, as you can protect your purchase, which covers spills and breakdowns.

You can quickly change the way your surround sound works by using a wireless remote and a small control panel. It is easy to set up as it connects with any device with a headphone jack, RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial input, or optical input. Looking for the best 5.1 home theater with wireless rear speakers? The Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System is the perfect choice.

  • Multi-room audio
  • Climate pledge friendly
  • Connect up to six devices
  • Powerful 1000 watts peak power
  • Easy-to-read console control
  • Cannot adjust subwoofer settings

What Customers are Saying?

With more than 5,000 reviews and about 80% being 5-stars, you cannot go wrong with the Logitech Z906. People really liked the sound quality of these speakers, and they were amazed at the rear speakers of these compact speakers. There were some people who didn’t like the present subwoofer setting and wanted it to be adjustable.

But the majority who used these speakers really loved them. If you want to have speakers that allow you to convert your home into a cinema, then you should add Logitech 7906  5.1 home theater with wireless rear speakers to your list.

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Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar — Best Quality

Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar-Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

This smart and compact Soundbar for TV plays high-definition sound you can enjoy at home. The control system is also very easy to use because you can use your voice, a remote, or the Sonos app to use Control Beam. It has a perfect size of 25.6 inches, which allows you to place it easily without blocking the TV.

The simple setup and compact size act as a greater motivation for you to use it with your surround sound system for TV. What’s better? With just two cords and automatic remote detection, you can set it up in minutes. For those seeking an extra dimension in audio, consider complementing it with Sonos One SLs to elevate bass and surround sound.

With the added bonus of radio functionality, you’ll have the perfect soundtrack for any mood or occasion. Elevate your home entertainment with the unparalleled audio quality of the Sonos Soundbar, the epitome of a superior surround sound system for TV enthusiasts. Looking for the best surround sound system for TV? The Sonos Soundbar is the perfect choice.

  • Protect your purchase
  • Built-in Alexa
  • High definition sound
  • Automatic remote detection
  • Software may be problematic

What Customers are Saying?

The 4,000+ reviews with more than 80% 5-star ratings are proof that people love these surround speakers! They think they work perfectly as advertised, and it has been difficult to find any flaw in them. It is simple to set up in minutes and delivers excellent bass!

A few people mentioned that there was some issue with the software that they were not able to resolve. Due to this issue, it became problematic for them to use these speakers. This might be the case for a few people, as others did not have any issues. If you’re in search of a reliable surround sound system for TV, these speakers are worth considering.

Grab your Sonos Beam Soundbar now!

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VIZIO V51x-J6 Home Theater Sound Bar — Best Budget 

VIZIO V51x-J6 Home Theater Sound Bar-Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Imagine creating your own cinema at home! This is possible with the VIZIO V51x-J6 home theater sound system because the sound system Boast an impressive 96 dB sound pressure level and a frequency range of 50 Hz–20 kHz, it delivers a dynamic, crystal-clear audio experience that rivals the best cinema setups. With over a decade of trust from customers, VIZIO has solidified its reputation for producing premium-quality sound bars.

Designed to seamlessly complement 4K HDR content and Dolby Audio 5.1, this sound system offers an immersive audio journey that transcends conventional home entertainment. It’s not just a sound system; it’s a portal to a new dimension of auditory excellence, making it the best home sound system for music.

It will transport you to the TV with its 3D immersive sound system. Also, you can place this 5” wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room without worrying about space. Using a dedicated 3.5 mm auxiliary or persistent Bluetooth connection, you may also use Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. The VIZIO V51x-J6 can be the best home sound system for music.

  • Protect your purchase
  • Loud and Clear
  • Powerful bass
  • Modern design
  • Dual stereo surround mode
  • Requires careful use for long-term

What Customers are Saying?

More than 3,000 people have rated it on Amazon, which shows that it is a popular product. People seem to love that the audio quality is top-notch and said they found the best home sound system for music in the form of Vizio V51. They also mentioned that the remote control has made life easier because it is simple to use. Many stated that it was worth the price, and they decided to buy another one.

There were a few comments saying that these speakers did not work for a long time. The issue is not that they completely die, but after long-term use, they start shutting down on their own. This issue was faced only by a few customers.

Order your own Vizio V51x-J6 now!

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How to Choose the Best Wireless Sound System for TV [Buyers Guide 2024]

Here is a buying guide for the best wireless sound system, so you can choose the best one!

Key Factors for Choosing the Best Sound System

You must consider several factors before buying the sound system for your TV. To help you, we have listed the main factors below:

1. Remote Control

jJUZ10ZkOWKWu9HcNh70ggHCf1Xq5FuC5xT7gx2Kiav3y9CF9X2DkBL2GNMUD4I1lyLOSINiexlfbsJZrWTAsBuT7C5jN7UXLxKgHMxRTqnspbLz zLknLQcPAXLt HhpswNhVzCcuJ bYmcnWGVa A Best Wireless Sound System for TV

There are different types of controls, as some speakers come with a physical controller and others have knobs on the speaker itself. Make sure you buy the ones that have a separate remote control because it will be easier for you to control the volume from a distance.

2. Sound Clarity

glowing music speakers with sound notes background 1017 33908 Best Wireless Sound System for TV

Clarity is one of the essential qualities you should look for in wireless home sound system speakers. It may seem straightforward, but many people need to pay attention to this feature while buying speakers for their TVs.

If your speakers feature sound clarity, everything will flow together without any elements popping out or sounding out of place. Through clarity, audio quality seems natural without being vague. It is easier to listen to podcasts, shows, or movies if your speaker offers clarity.

2. Channel Configurations

They represent specific arrangements of speakers and subwoofers in a surround sound system. These configurations dictate the number of speakers responsible for audio reproduction and the presence of a subwoofer for low-frequency effects.

A 2.1-channel system is a basic setup consisting of two main speakers for stereo audio and a subwoofer for low-frequency bass sounds. A 3.1-channel system includes an additional center-channel speaker, which enhances dialogue clarity and audio separation, making it ideal for improving the audio experience of movies and TV shows.
A 5.1 channel system includes five main speakers (front left, center, front right, surround left, and surround right) for a comprehensive surround sound experience, along with a subwoofer for powerful bass. A 7.1 wireless surround sound system has a channel system that has inocroporated seven main speakers (front left, center, front right, surround left, surround right, rear left, and rear right) for an even more immersive audio experience. It also includes a subwoofer for deep bass frequencies. A 7.1 wireless surround sound system is a high-end setup that maintains the same configuration as a traditional 7.1 system but with the added benefit of wireless connectivity. Channel configurations allow you to choose between different setups, such as 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, or a 7.1 wireless surround sound system.

3. Compact

speaker mockup cylinder shape 1310 947 Best Wireless Sound System for TV

It’s very important to buy wireless home sound system speakers that are small and easy to put anywhere. If the sound system is not too large, you can place it below your TV without worrying, as it will not cover the screen or sensor. So, make sure to check the length and width before buying!

4. Mountable

6pjMSuhmozmGiU9xe gwxPKDTJFn gUE0uQpIUCm1Mjg3At5k87G Best Wireless Sound System for TV

If the wireless home sound system speakers are mountable, it will be easier for you to place them on your TV. Also, it will save you from worrying, as you can place them with your TV in a permanent place. If your house does not have much space, this will also save you from clutter.

5. Subwoofer

Subwoofers enhance the clarity and bass of your stereo system. They can also improve a system’s performance in a number of different ways. A good subwoofer will act as a true surround sound system and give your music the depth and realism you would love to see while watching any movie.

Watch the video if you want to know more about what to consider while purchasing a soundbar.

What Are the Different Types of TV Sound Systems?

These speakers are available in different sizes and with additional features, as discussed below:

1. Satellite Speaker 

P0oWV b2tAJpcPhtzbklz68e2FOXk6PR1eWlT57FUOaXPRhn7wBynObGWXMZOzTsHDHfy78WyLkIxa6iUgwNGZF8Vel jqabiczSIBLqDkNjVdM2DoFlWvQ898Z3JP8IKAlq4AffbCnIwaVa0MvY4F8 Best Wireless Sound System for TV

The satellite speakers are meant to be placed behind or to the sides of the main speakers. Like a smaller version of bookshelf speakers, they usually have two cones: a tweeter and a mid-range driver, or woofer.

Even though they can be used as a stereo pair, they are usually used to make other speakers sound better rather than being the main focus. Satellite speakers are often mounted on the wall or ceiling so that you don’t have to deal with cords in your listening area.

2. Soundbar Speaker

61syGjJDgeL. AC SL1500 Best Wireless Sound System for TV

A sound bar is basically a small speaker system that fits on the bottom of your TV and gives you surround sound. 

Sound bars are a simple and space-saving alternative to traditional surround sound systems, which need a lot of speakers and wires to give you high-quality sound in your living room.

Most of the time, all you have to do to set them up is connect an HDMI or audio cable to your TV and a power cord to a wall outlet or surge protector.

3. Subwoofer Speaker

jhDYB94F0XF0VyqovintztF R2sH k32DHSncAPubm3FYKB3w1gCpyt1yMbfuh2CWCGyiTryZ bBot3t0sKW2cuq2SUnZNgh0ogquGmRjSz NQi Best Wireless Sound System for TV

A subwoofer is a must if you want to hear deep and rich bass tones. The majority of subwoofers today are “powered,” which means they have a built-in amplifier. This lets you change the upper-frequency response of the sub so that it works better with your main speakers.


The placement has a big effect on how well a subwoofer works. There are some places in a room where you can’t hear any bass at all. So, to get the most out of the subwoofer, pay attention to where you put it.

How Did We Select the Best Speakers for TV?

When selecting the best wireless sound system for TV, we diligently compiled a list of speakers that meet the criteria for high-quality TV sound systems. This was achieved by thoroughly reviewing positive customer feedback on Amazon and including the models that were particularly well-received.

Secondly, we focused most of our attention on features that improve the customer experience, so we made sure to include speakers with clear sound, deep bass, and the right amplifier. We also ensured that these sound systems were compact and mountable. Also, the sound range of the speakers was taken into account, so users could have a great time while watching TV. We also consulted additional sources and read reviews to ensure that we arrived at the best wireless sound system for TV.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sound Systems for TV

Q: Can I connect speakers to my TV wirelessly?

A: Yes, you can connect speakers to your TV wirelessly using technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Q: Is Bluetooth speakers better than wireless?

A: Bluetooth speakers are a type of wireless speaker, designed for portable, short-range use. The choice depends on your specific needs: Bluetooth for portability, other wireless tech (like Wi-Fi) for longer range and potentially higher quality.

Q: Do wireless speakers need power?

A: Yes, wireless speakers do require power. While they do not need to be physically connected to an audio source (like a phone or computer) through wires, they still need to be powered in order to function. This is typically done through a built-in rechargeable battery or by plugging the speaker into an electrical outlet. Some wireless speakers also have the option to use replaceable batteries.

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