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We are thrilled that you are interested in contributing to our growing community. If you are passionate about speakers, audio devices, and all things related to technology, we invite you to write for us. Our platform aims to provide readers with valuable information and assist them in making well-informed buying decisions. Together, let’s empower our audience with insightful content!

Type of Content We’re Seeking:

At SpeakersGuru, we value well-written, engaging, and exciting blog posts, articles, tutorials, and reviews that delve into the world of speakers and audio devices. If you have a knack for crafting informative and captivating content related to technology, we would love to feature your work on our website.

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Technical Requirements

To ensure the highest quality for our readers, we kindly request that your submission meets the following technical requirements



Please provide articles that are 1700 words or more in length.

Unique Content

We only accept original content that has not been published elsewhere.

Headings and Subheadings

Organize your content with clear and concise headings and subheadings.

Internal Links

Include relevant internal links to existing content on our site.

Author Bio

Please include an author bio section along with your submission.

Plagiarism Check

Verify that your post is free of any plagiarized content.

No Links to Games and Casinos

We do not accept articles with links to games or casinos.

Images and Examples

To enhance the reader’s experience and engagement, we highly encourage the use of images and examples in your submissions. Visual aids and practical illustrations help convey your message effectively and make your content more valuable.


Other Important Information

Please keep the following in mind before submitting your work:


Original Work

Your article must be your original creation and must not have been published elsewhere. By submitting your content to SpeakersGuru.net, you grant us exclusive publishing rights.

Waiting Time

We appreciate your patience as our dedicated team reviews each submission. It may take us 1-5 days to reply to your submission. If your article is approved, publication usually takes
1-2 weeks.

How to Get Your Work Published

To get started, generate 3-5 headline ideas related to the speaker or audio device topic you wish to explore.

 Please submit these ideas using the form below; do not send complete articles at this stage. Additionally, provide links to your previous work, so we can get a glimpse of your writing style and expertise.

Provide a list of suggested titles separated by semicolon.

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