Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out in 2024

Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

If you’re really into fitness and spend most of your days at the gym, you need wireless over-ear headphones. Even if you are not preparing for the Olympics or running a marathon, you still need a set of the best on-ear headphones for working out.

Most sportsmen use workout headphones to boost their enthusiasm while working out, and many others need them to block annoying background noises. With the help of efficient on-ear wireless headphones, you can even converse on the phone while working out. 

1-Best On-ear Headphones for Working Out

To help you buy the best on-ear headphones for working out, we’ve found these gadgets and compiled a list so that you won’t have to scratch your head after entering the market. We have also included tips on what to look for before purchasing these wireless headphones. So let’s get started right away!

Top 5 On-Ear Headphones (2024)

See the table below for summarized details on the products:

Best Overall1
BGR Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones 1 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out
Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones

Improved EQ; deep bass; 15-hour playtime, 3-hour charging time; HD voice; Strong microphone.

Best Performance2
BGR Beats Studio3 Bluetooth Headphones 1 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out
Beats Studio3 Bluetooth Headphones

Apple W1 chip; 22 hours listening time; integrated microphone; Pure ANC, Bluetooth technology; Fast fuel technology

Best Features3
Sony WH 1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headset 1 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out
Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Headphones

Alexa Voice control; Bluetooth 5.0; Three colors; touch sensor; Dual noise sensor technology; 30-hour battery life; Speak-to chat tech; Impeccable voice pickup

Best Quality4
BGR Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones 2 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out
Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones

High-resolution audio; 40 hours of playtime; Various colors available; Active noise cancellation; Strong amplified bass; Memory foam ear cups.

Best Budget5
BGR HyperX Cloud II Wired Headphone 1 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out
HyperX Cloud II Wired Headphone

7.1 Surround Sound; Memory foam cushions; 53 mm drivers; Detachable mic; Durable aluminum construction; Noise cancellation; Wired and wireless variations; and Various colors.

Now let’s look at the top 5 headphones mentioned in the table!

2-Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Editors Rating: 4.9/5

Bose prides itself on producing the best on-ear headphones for working out. The Bose Soundlink headphones come in a beautiful black color that will complement your sports attire. These headphones produce rich, engrossing sounds. They also have a short charging time of three hours and a playtime of fifteen hours, so you can quickly run and exercise without having to fret about battery drainage.

These headphones offer advanced microphone technology that enables you to watch top-notch videos and maintain connectivity with a smartphone, these on-ear headphones also include the latest Bluetooth feature that allows switching between two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The wireless range is almost 30 feet.

If you are looking for the best on-ear headphones for working out that will make long hours in the gym more bearable, you should choose the Bose SoundLink headphones.

  • Advanced mic technology
  • Easy to set up.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Compact
  • Available in different colors
  • They may produce a faint hiss sound

What Customers are Saying?

With over 23,600 ratings, people love this product. Reviews say that these best gym headphones wireless provide the best sound quality and are incredibly comfortable. Customers also say that since these on-ear headphones can be used with or without a wire, they are highly travel-friendly. 

People also praised Its advanced noise-canceling technology which ensures an undisturbed focus on your workout, making them a must-have for any serious fitness enthusiast.

Buy your pair of Bose SoundLink now!

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Beats Studio3 Bluetooth Headphones—Best Performance 

3-Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Editors Rating: 4.8/5

If you are looking for reasonable on-ear headphones for working out, this product is for you! The Beats Studio3 headphones have appealing features like an adjustable EQ and excellent sound quality for the best price. These high-performance noise-canceling best gym headphones wireless come in 7 beautiful shades, which are defiant black, red, blue, matte black, white, midnight black, and shadow gray.

Android and iOS devices can both use these on-ear headphones. This product’s Pure Adaptive Sounds Canceling technology actively mutes all outside noises.  Moreover, with Real-time Audio calibration, a premium listening experience is maintained amazingly. The Beats Studio3 on-ear headphones provide all-day wireless playback, which is made possible with an extensive battery life of up to 22 hours. 

Furthermore, these Beats headphones contain industry-leading Bluetooth technology and Apple’s W1 chip, which keeps you connected for longer with fewer drop-outs. When the battery is low, these best on-ear headphones for working out with quick fuel provide 3 hours of playback after a 10-minute charge.  beats headphones have a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged.

  • Extensive battery life
  • Available in many colors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Latest Apple chip technology
  • Premium audio experience
  • Earpieces do not swivel

What Customers are Saying?

With over 30,500 ratings, customers genuinely love these Beats headphones. Testimonials state that these on-ear headphones, touted as the best gym headphones wireless, are highly comfortable during workouts and do not require frequent adjustments.

Customers also said these headphones offer unparalleled sound quality, immersing you in your favorite workout playlists with crisp precision. The long-lasting battery ensures they keep up with your active lifestyle, providing uninterrupted motivation.

Get your Beats Studio3 now!

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Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Headphones—Best Features 

4-Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Editors Rating: 4.7/5

Want to get the best wireless over-ear headphones for working out? The Sony WH-1000XM4 is your answer. The Sony WH-1000XM4, hailed as the best workout headphones, is the ultimate choice for fitness enthusiasts. This headphone will change the game because it has a 30-hour battery life and can be charged quickly.

With the touch sensor, you can change the volume, pause, record, and skip songs, turn on your voice assistant, and answer calls. The midrange of this on-ear headphone sounds nice and warm, and the sound is tight and catchy without getting out of hand. The treble gives the sound clarity and sparkle without making it sound harsh. Additionally, these are sweatproof over ear headphones, making them ideal for intense workout sessions.

These headphones pick up speech clearly and make calls sound great. With the wearing detection feature, the music stops playing as soon as the headphones are taken off. Also, the adaptive Sound Control lets you listen to music in a way that suits you, making it one of the best workout headphones, so you can enjoy working out

  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Excellent battery life
  • Automatic voice detection
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Touch controls may not be as good

What Customers are Saying?

With a global rating of almost 47,000, the Sony WH-1000XM4/B headphones, often hailed as the best workout headphones and known for being sweatproof over ear headphones, are a customer favorite. Testimonials frequently rave about its sleek design and comfortable fit.

Customers also love that this wireless headphone has a substantial Bluetooth range and quickly connects to any device without hassle.

Order these sweatproof over ear headphones Sony WH-1000XM4/B today!

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Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones—Best Quality 

5-Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Editor’s rating: 4.5/5

These on-ear headphones’ high-resolution audio is their first notable quality. Their 40 mm active drivers are significantly enlarged and generate excellent sound. They make music with improved high frequencies up to 40 kHz, so the sound is clear and complete.

Additionally, these headphones may reduce background noise by up to 90%. To perfect the Life Q20’s four built-in ANC mics and electronic active noise cancellation algorithm, Soundcore’s engineering staff ran over 100,000 tests in realistic scenarios.  Because of this, the hybrid active noise cancellation system can detect and cancel out a wider range of low- and mid-frequency noises, such as those made by cars and jet engines.

Also, the BassUp technology looks at the low frequencies in real-time to boost the bass output right away. To get an enhanced listening experience when hearing bass-heavy music such as hip-hop and EDM, simply double-click the play button.. 

  • Easy connectivity to several devices
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Deep bass
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Noise-canceling feature
  • Not compact

What Customers are Saying?

With a global rating of over 47,400, the Soundcore AnkerLife Q20 headphones are a customer favorite. Testimonials frequently rave about its sleek design, deep bass, and comfortable fit. Get ready to revolutionize your workout experience with Soundcore AnkerLife Q20 headphones – a choice backed by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Customers also love that these on-ear headphones have a longer playing time for usage in the gym. Try Soundcore AnkerLife Q20 now!

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HyperX Cloud II Wired Headphone—Best Budget 

6-Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Editors rating: 4.5/5

The HyperX Cloud II headphones are undoubtedly the most popular product on the market. These headphones provide 7.1 simulated surround sound for listening to music and working out. They have foam ear cushions and a cushioned leatherette headband for an incredibly pleasant audio experience. 

Thanks to the massive 53 mm drivers on these headphones, you can hear every aspect of your music, delivering high-quality audio and crystal-clear acoustic reproduction. The headphones also have a noise-canceling microphone for TeamSpeak and phone calls and a sturdy aluminum frame for increased longevity. 

Lastly, the headphones have a removable noise-canceling microphone that might be beneficial for taking calls or communicating with teammates. They work with 7.1 surround sound on Nintendo, PC, PS4, Mac, and Xbox One devices.

  • Noise cancellation is excellent
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 360° surround sound
  • Complicated setup

What Customers are Saying?

With almost a whopping 116k ratings, people seem to love this product. Customers sing praises for their extensive color options, allowing you to personalize your style while enjoying top-tier audio quality. The plush cushions offer an unparalleled level of comfort, ensuring extended wear without discomfort during those long gaming or workout sessions.

Don’t wait, seize the opportunity and grab your HyperX Cloud II now!

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How to Choose the Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out [Buyers Guide 2024]

Here is a buying guide for the best on-ear headphones to assist you in making a suitable purchase!

Key Factors for Choosing the Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out  

Music is one of the strongest motivators for working out. You can get moving and achieve your fitness goals with the proper music. Therefore, it’s crucial to wear the appropriate workout headphones. Due to noise-canceling technology and extensive battery life, the best over-ear headphones reduce distractions from outside noise. 

Moreover, because of the headband’s snug fit, they produce a more dynamic soundstage and don’t slip out of your temples during a strenuous workout. However, because of the abundance of features, selecting the right model might be challenging. 

Let’s look at some factors to take into account before buying the best over-ear headphones for working out.

1. Audio Quality

couple jogging running outdoors park near water young bearded man woman exercising together morning 146671 14869 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Even if you’re not a music enthusiast, you probably still place the highest priority on audio quality. Therefore, if realistic sound is important to you when hearing music, the audio quality of your workout headphones should be your top priority. 

The top headphones have a bigger driver and can play louder and better than wireless earbuds because they cover both ears and have a more significant driver. 

The best workout headphones also have active noise-canceling qualities, which provide excellent sound quality and an ambient sound that all gym enthusiasts love. Noise-canceling headphones are indeed a must-buy if you are a gym lover. So whether you opt for on-ear headphones or the best wireless over-ear headphones for working out, always consider the audio quality.

2. Size & Weight

If you seek comfortable over-ear headphones for working out, consider their weight and dimensions. Excessive cushioning is one of the factors to look for. 

Even during the most extended workouts, you may feel comfortable wearing soft materials such as memory foam. The comfortable ear cushions are a nice touch, but they’re not the only thing to consider.

3. Wired or Wireless

ADkac8iopgr7ov kiwLKPnlUgKgyLVy3K4GR Mwt3sLJJgx384xtMWvmOprdvk7LvCl04wQBxcrt9GY7xMYouwMiBUFSVMO1 e1lsoXVWnw7h3SSTYj7foLR0PZHNdn1X 96VkvhqEOfr6KvV6aRZQ Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

The sound quality of most wireless headphones can be as good as that of their corded counterparts. But, if you want to avoid the mess of cords that comes with wired headphones, but don’t want to lose the authentic sound, you can choose wireless headphones.

But, if you decide to go wireless, think about how many hours of battery life it has and if that’s enough for your sports needs. The best over-ear headphones will also have an extensive battery life and many features to accentuate your gym needs. 

4. Battery Life 

The last thing you might want during a workout session is for your over-ear headphones’ battery to die. It’s important to have the best over-ear headphones that work well and have a long battery life. Over-ear workout headphones are mostly used all the time in the gym, so you must choose an appropriate model. 

5. Price

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Another critical consideration when selecting the best over-ear headphones for working out is price. Compared to their wired counterparts, wireless Bluetooth headphones typically cost a little more. 

Large, well-known businesses like Bose or Sony charge more for their products due to their strong reputations. On occasion, though, you may find deals and savings on Amazon for over-ear workout headphones that fit within your budget. 

Watch the detailed review of HyperX Cloud II here.

What are the Different Types of Headphones?

Headphones come in different types, ranging from different features to various sizes. Some of them include:

1. Wireless (Bluetooth)

Bluetooth, a technology that uses radio waves to connect two devices, is how wireless headphones operate. Since there are no obtrusive cords to worry about with Bluetooth, it is trendy. 

The best Bluetooth headphones will provide seamless calls and music sharing for you and your gym buddies. These best on-ear headphones can be a lifesaver when used correctly. This category can also include wireless earbuds. 

2. Over-Ear Headphones

medium shot woman running night 23 2149142387 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Over-ear headphones refer to a type of headphones that have larger ear cups designed to fully enclose the ears. The best wireless over ear headphones for working out are designed to cover the entire outer ear, creating a seal around it. Over-ear headphones are known for providing excellent noise isolation and often offer better sound quality due to their larger drivers. They are typically more comfortable for extended use and are favored by audiophiles and professionals for their immersive sound experience.

3. Earbuds

iphone 2618670 1920 Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out

Earbuds, which are also called “in-ear headphones,” are very popular with runners, travelers, and kids who want to listen to music in class. Generally, true wireless earbuds have the best sound quality and are the easiest to transport.

Wireless earbuds also have the advantage of having an extensive battery life and wireless charging capability, allowing for longer workout sessions to be completed. The truly wireless earbuds may cost a bit more, but they are well worth the sound quality and spatial audio that come along with them.

4. Supra-aural

Similar to the best over-ear headphones for working out, supra-aural over-ear headphones are built with smaller earpads.  Since the ear cups of these running headphones are often smaller, athletes can wear them more steadily during practice or training. 

The hipster community also favors these over-ear headphones due to their fashionable vintage appearance, spatial audio, and excellent sound quality.

How Did We Select the Top On-Ear Headphones? 

We start by assessing these best workout headphones’ general build quality. Then we began browsing for those headphones that had received favorable customer reviews.

We looked into the price of each pair of the best over-ear headphones and how long their battery life would last. The guides’ headphones were ranked according to how affordable they were without compromising quality.

Through this research, we were able to come up with a list of the best headphones for working out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Work-out Headphones

Q: Are on-ear headphones good for gym?

A: On-ear headphones can be suitable for the gym, providing a secure fit and allowing some awareness of your surroundings. However, they may not offer as much noise isolation as over-ear headphones. It’s important to choose a pair with a comfortable and secure fit to ensure they stay in place during exercise.

Q: Is JBL Live 460nc good for gym?

A: Yes, the JBL Live 460NC can be a good option for the gym. These headphones offer features like noise cancellation and a comfortable fit, which can enhance your workout experience. However, it’s important to ensure that they fit securely during exercise to avoid any discomfort or slippage.

Q: Why do bodybuilders wear over-ear headphones?

A: Bodybuilders often opt for over-ear headphones as an essential workout accessory. These headphones offer distinct advantages in the gym environment. Firstly, they provide superior noise isolation, effectively blocking out external distractions and allowing bodybuilders to immerse themselves in their training routines. This isolation fosters a focused and concentrated workout experience. Secondly, over-ear headphones are known for their comfort and stability. Their design ensures a secure fit around the ears, even during intense movements. This means they stay in place, preventing the need for constant readjustments. As a result, bodybuilders can train with confidence and without interruptions, enhancing the effectiveness of their workouts.

Q: What are the best over ear headphones for working out under $100?

A: Some popular options for the best over ear headphones for working out under $100 include the HyperX Cloud II, Sony WH-CH510, JBL Quantum 800, and Skullcandy Hesh 2. Remember, some of the best over ear headphones for working out under $100 an rival even the quality of hi-fi brand headphones.

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